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i200 Digital Input Channels

The digital input terminals (labeled "Ch1 Din"..."Ch10 Din") are used to sense a digital high or digital low state; or to measure the period of a changing digital signal.  The inputs are protected against high voltages up to +6Volts and down to -6V.  To measure the logic level or the period of an input signal, connect it directly to a Controller Din terminal and then connect the signal source ground to a Controller Gnd terminal.  For details, please see Working with i200 Controller Digital Timer I/O Channels and Working with Digital I/O Channels.

Parameter Specification
Digital Input Port 1 non-latching input bit per channel
Input Levels  VIH = 3.5V min ... 6V max
VIL = .75V max ... -6V min
IIH = -120µA, Vi = 3.5V
IIL = -.6mA max.
Period Measurement1

Range: 3us to 16ms ± .25us, or 3ms to 32sec ± 1ms
Resolution: 16bits

Range: 3us to 4.1sec ± .25us, or 3ms to 16Ksec ±1ms
Resolution: 24bits

i200 Digital Output Channels

The digital output terminals (labeled "Ch1 Dout"..."Ch10 Dout") can be set to a high or low state; or set up to output a digital clock signal.  To wire a Dout terminal to a device, connect the Dout terminal to the device input, and the Controller Gnd terminal to the device Ground.  For details, please see Working with i200 Controller Digital Timer I/O Channels and Working with Digital I/O Channels.

Parameter Specification
Digital Output Port 1 latching output bit per channel
Logic TTL Compatible
Output Levels  VOH = 2V min ... 5V max
VOL = 0.5V max ... 0V min
IOH = -12mA max.
IOL = 24mA max.
Clock Output1

Duty Cycle Range: 0.01% to 100%
Period Range: 5µsec to 536 sec (programmable)
Time Base Accuracy: ±0.01%
Output Signal: TTL Compatible


The physical specifications for the Model 200 Controllers are as follows.

Parameter Specification
Digital I/O Connector 34-pin male ribbon connector1
PCI Connector 5 Volt PCI, 32-bit, 2.0 compliant.
For compatible computers, click here.
Network Connector DB-25 female connector
Network Data Throughput  100Kbits/sec to 4,000Kbits/sec
Dimensions 4" x 7"
Operating Temperature 0 to 70°C
Storage Temperature -25 to +85°C
Relative Humidity Up to 90% (non-condensing)
Power Consumption
(does not include network)
+5V @ 1A max,
+12V @ 10mA max, -12V @ 10mA max

1The Model 230 PC-Card Controller does not include the 34-Pin Digital I/O Connectors, and its signals.

i200 PCI Card Installation

To install an i200 PCI card into your computer, please do the following steps:

  • Make sure computer power is OFF.
  • Remove the cover from your computer to gain access to the card slots.
  • Remove the small I/O fence cover from the back of your computer, as needed.
  • If you require access to an available Controller Digital/Timer I/O Channel, run a 34-wire ribbon cable from the Controller's 34pin header connector, out of the computer, any way you can (e.g. through another slot opening), to the breakout of your choice (e.g. a screw terminal block), as illustrated below:

  • Install the i200 instruNet controller(s) into the computer's expansion slot(s). Make sure the Controller connector is well seated and inspect this connection with a strong light to make sure the printed circuit board fingers are aligned with their mating connector pins.
  • Bolt the board metal I/O fence to the computer, as needed (some computers do this). Please skip this step if tightening this bolt causes the card to not seat well in its connector.
  • Put the cover back onto the computer.
  • Proceed to Hardware Installation.