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MODEL 100, 100B, & 100HC

The i100 instruNet Network Device, pictured to the right, provides the following features:

  • 16se/8di 14bit analog inputs with ±5V, ±.6V, ±.08V & ±.01V range
  • 8 Channels ±5V 8bit analog outputs
  • 8 digital I/O bits

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Product Variations
All i100 products includes 44 screw terminals. The i100B version provides 16 additional BNC connectors for analog inputs; and the i100HC version provides no BNC's yet does provide voltage output channels with 15mA of drive capability.

Model Voltage Inputs Voltage Outputs Digital I/O
  # of Channels Input Range Absolute Accuracy # of Channels Write Accuracy Read-back Acc-uracy  
i100 16ch w/screw terminal access ±5V
8ch with 4mA/ 1KpF Drive Capability ±40 mV ±3 mV 8 bidir-ectional I/O Bits
100B Same as #iNet-100, yet with 16 additional BNC connectors for 16se voltage inputs.
100HC Same as #iNet-100, yet with voltage outputs that have 15mA/.01uF drive capability.

instruNet Product Family Overview

Specifications for i100
Thermocouple Accuracy with the i100

Compatible Sensors and Controls
Compantible Sensors

Product Information
i2x0 and i100 Maximum Sample Rates
Sample Rate Vs. Integration Time Vs. Noise
Outputs After Power On or Reset
Software Calibration Options
i100, Driving Current and Capacitance w/ Voltage Outputs
i100, Noise Performance
i100, Stability and Drift
i100, Environmental Considerations
Typical instruNet Systems

Getting Started
Installing instruNet Hardware & Software
instruNet World Tutorial
Connecting to Sensors and Controls
Setting Up A Digitization
Working with Voltage Output Channels, Tutorial
Working with Digital I/O Channels, Tutorial

Troubleshooting Hardware
Signal is Too Noisy
Sampe Rate is Too Slow
Measuremenet is Not Accurate
An i4xx Card or i4xx Card Cage is Not Seen by instruNet World Software
The i100 Data Acquisition Box is Not Seen by instruNet World Software
i100, Voltage Input Channel, Damage Due to Excess Voltage
i100, Noise and Oscillations on Voltage Output Channels
instruNet World Software Shows an Error Alert Upon Launch

Software Updates
Upgrading to the latest iNet32.dll is quick and easy! (5MB download)

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Compatible Computers
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