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Things to Try

  1. To avoid permanent damaged to instruNet hardware:
    i60x: Unplug USB cable to i60x device while wiring sensors
    and while plugging into i60x Hd44 Connector
    i4xx/i555: Remove 110/220 VAC power to i312.8 power supply while wiring sensors
    and while connecting i51x wiring box to Hd44 Connector
  2. Power the computer Off and then On, and note that only one instruNet program can run at a time.
  3. Update to the latest iNet32.dll, per the instructions here; or Update all instruNet software, as described here. Software updates are Free.
  4. If working with an i240 or i60x USB Controller:
    • Make sure you are on a 32bit or 64bit Windows Xp Service Pack 3 (Sp3) or newer computer.
    • We want the i2x0/i60x hardware to appear under "Data Acquisition Cards" within Device Manager (type "Device Manager" in Windows Start search field) and not have a yellow check mark next to it. If that is not the case, the i2x0/i60x driver may not have installed properly and we need to remove and then reinstall as described here.
    • Open the Device Manager and look for a USB device with a yellow mark next to it's icon. This mark shows that the device is not recognized or not installed correctly (with respect to the operating system). If you see the instruNet icon in the device manager and it is ok (no yellow mark), yet there is ANOTHER usb device attached to the computer with a yellow mark, then that device might be conflicting with the instruNet usb controller. Try physically disconnecting that device from your computer. It is possible for one buggy usb device to effect other usb devices attached to the same computer. Also, one can physically disconnect the instruNet USB device and observe if the yellow question mark device disappears. If so, that is the instruNet device.
    • If you see "instruNet USB Controller" anywhere within Device Manager, select that device, right-click Properties, and click the Driver tab at the top. Does "Provider" field refer to "gwi"? If not, the gwi driver did not attach to this device. If that is the case, consider deleting the oemXX.inf file as described here, or consider Remove/Update as described here.
    • If you are attaching the instruNet controller to the computer via a USB hub, try attaching the controller directly to the computer (with no usb hub between computer and instruNet i2x0/i60x controller).
    • If an instruNet i240/i60x controller is unstable in any way, try removing Hub and connect instruNet directly to computer.
    • If you have many USB devices attached to the computer or you see a "resource limitation message"; try removing several USB devices, attach instruNet, and restart computer. For details on why this might help, please google search "usb endpoint limitation".
    • If using a hub, USB ≥ 3.0 is preferred and 2.0 is sufficient. If using a USB ≥ 3.0 hub, make sure you have a USB ≥ 3.0 cable between hub and computer.
    • Do not use thin USB cables to i60x since they may not support 400mA current to device -- possibly causing permanent damage to cable or degradation of i60x performance. The USB cable included with the i240/i60x product is sufficient.
    • If using a hub with i60x, make sure its power supply supports 400mA to i60x in addition to the power required by other attached devices.
    • Try a different USB cable or different USB hub.
    • Note that the i240 receives power from the i312 external power supply (not the USB cable); whereas the i60x standalone system derives power from the USB cable.
    • Carefully re-read the i240/i60x installation notes. To see these, click here.
  5. If working with an i240 USB Controller:
    • Make sure the label on the i300 power adaptor cable says "#iNet-300 v4" (version ≥ 4), and not just "#iNet-300" (which refers to earlier than v4). Click here for a picture of the v4 label.
  6. Make sure the i2x0/i60x is properly seated in its socket.
  7. Try the i2x0/i60x in a different physical port within the computer, to try to determine if the problem is with the port.
  8. Try removing non-essential devices in the computer to see if there is a conflict with another device.
  9. Try the i2x0/i60x in another computer, or try another i2x0/i60x in this computer, to try to determine if the problem is the computer or the card.
  10. If working with an i200 pci or i230 pcmcia controller, make sure you are on a Windows Xp Sp3 or newer computer. Also, note that most computers are not compatible with the i200/i230. For details, click here.
  11. Email to your instruNet supplier an instruNet diagnostic Report, as described here.

Further Reading