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The i240 USB instruNet Controller is used to connect a Windows ≥ Xp Sp3 computer to an instruNet network via the USB 2.0 High Speed bus (480M bits/sec). An instruNet network consists of i4xx Card Cages and i100 boxes which are daisy-chained together. The i240 requires an external power supply (e.g. iNet-312.8, sold separately) and a computer with one free Usb ≥ 2.0 High Speed (480M) port. For details on working with multiple i240 USB Controllers, click here.

Typical Application
In a typical application, the i240 controller interfaces an i4xx Card Cage to a Windows computer, as illustrated below.

What's In The Box
The #iNet-240 product includes instruNet software, a Db25 instruNet Terminator, and a 10ft (3m) USB A to B Cable, as shown below. For a better view, click the image to Enlarge.

instruNet Product Family Overview
i2x0 Product Summary

Product Information
i240 and i4xx Maximum Sample Rates
i2x0 and i100 Maximum Sample Rates
Typical instruNet Systems
Sample Rate, Integration & Noise

Getting Started
Installing instruNet Hardware & Software
Designing Your instruNet System
instruNet World Tutorial
Connecting to Sensors and Controls
Setting Up A Digitization

Troubleshooting Hardware
i2x0 controller card is not seen by software or does not install correctly
instruNet World Software Shows an Error Alert Upon Launch

Software Updates
Upgrading to the latest iNet32.dll is quick and easy! (5MB download)

Related Information
Use Low Capacitance Cable to Maximize i2x0 Network Speed

Compatible Computers
Compatibile Software