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Saving Data After Digitization Is Complete

Exporting a file to a spreadsheet, post-acquisition, is done by first acquiring data into instruNet World software, saving it to disk in the form of a text file, and then opening that text file with a spreadsheet program, as illustrated to the right.  To do this, one would:

  1. Run instruNet World.
  2. Select channels for digitizing in the Network Page. For information on how to configure a specific sensor, click here.
  3. Press the Record tab.
  4. Press the Setup button to open the Setup dialog.  Then:

    > set Digitize-Into to To Ram Buffer,
    > set File-Type to Text Merge
    > set the desired Sample-Rate (i.e. digitized points per second per channel)
    > set the desired Points-per-Scan (i.e. total number of digitized points per channel)
    > set the Number-of-Scans to 1
    > set Scan-Mode to Oscillo

    If you want to show the date and time of each point in the left most column of your spreadsheet, as pictured below, press the "More" button and set the Text Format field to Day Time (this requires instruNet software version ≥ 3.0). Alternatively, this field is set to Point Time and the left most column shows the number of seconds since the start of digitization, for each data point.

    Press OK to exit the dialog and to return to the Record page.

  5. Press the Network tab, press the Save button to save these settings to disk, and then press the Record tab to return to the Record page.
  6. Press the Start button to begin recording, and the Stop button to stop recording.
  7. Press the Save button in the Record page (or, if running instrunet World+, one can select Save Waveforms To Excel in the Record menu) to save the data to disk in a text file named "Excel Waveform Data.txt".  This file places each channel in its own column, and looks something like the above illustration when opened with a spreadsheet program. Columns are separated with TAB characters, and rows are separated with CARRIAGE RETURN characters.
  8. Run your spreadsheet software, select OPEN FILE, select "All Files (*.*)" in the lower-right File-Type menu, navigate to your saved "Excel Waveform Data.txt" file, click Open, and then click Finished when the import dialog appears. Your data should appear as shown in the above illustration.

Saving Data To Excel While Digitizing

instruNet supports the acquisition of data into instruNet World with Export to a spreadsheet, post-acquisition as described above; and also supports the digitizing of data directly into an Excel spreadsheet, in realtime while digitizing, via the Direct To Excel program. 

Convert Previously Recorded Binary Data to one large Text file, Post Acquisition

If you previously recorded and saved binary data (i.e. ".ioW" binary files in an "iNetData" folder, one .ioW file per channel), and you want to convert this to a large text file with one channel per column, then please do the following steps: Press "Record" tab at bottom of window, press "Open" button to load in your previously recorded data, press "Setup" button, set "File Type" to "Text Merge", press "OK", and press "Save" button to save the viewed data into one large text file named "Excel Waveform Data.txt". You can then open this with Excel or a text editor (e.g. WordPad). When you save, make sure you remember where on your computer you placed this new data.