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This note provides a strategy for troubleshooting the installation of instruNet software on a windows computer (~100MB of instruNet files on a CD or download file). To troubleshoot the installation of hardware (i.e. hardware not seen by computer), click here.

Make sure you Installed the instruNet software as instructed
Make sure you installed the instruNet software, per Installation. To test it, select "Installed Hardware Report" under the Hardware menu. All installed, fully tested, and calibrated hardware will be listed. If hardware is not seen, or conflicts in some way, click here

Installer Appears to Freeze During Installation
Installation might take up to 1 hour, especially with older computers. If you become concerned your computer has frozen, please check your hard disk light -- if it is blinking, you are Ok. When the instruNet installation is complete, an "instruNet World" Icon appears on your desktop and an alert notifies you of the success. A freeze or crash could be due to older Anti-Virus software running during installation, in which case, turn off your virus protection and install the latest instruNet software..

Internet Security Interfers with downloading from www,instrunet.com
If this occurs, reduce internet security. For example, with Internet Explorer ≥ v6, select Internet Options under Tools, select Security tab, select Trusted Sites, press Sites button, and add instrunet.com to the list of trusted sites.

Install Error #1305
This is caused by a bad bit in the installation file (e.g. scratched CD). Please download new installation file from instrunet.com. If your computer says it downloaded successfully, then that file is 100% ok, since it uses an error check scheme after download to detect a bit transmission error.