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The i511 BNC Wiring Box bolts to i60x/i4xx hardware, and provides the following features:

  • Screw Terminals and BNC connectors to which one can attach external signals to Hd44 connector
  • Enclosure box for end user installed wires and shunt resistors
  • The i511 can NOT do thermocouple measurements. To measure thermocouples one needs an i510.

The pictures to the right show an open i511. Wires can be routed through both top and bottom windows in the plastic box. The i51x is of clamshell design with identical top and bottom plastic halves that mate via 3 bolts. Two captive 4-40 bolts secure the i51x to any i4xx card that has an Hd44 male connector. The i511 is 8.3 x 2.5 x 13 cm in size (3.3" x 1" x 5.3", d/w/h).

Several Different Wiring Boxes
Several different i51x wiring boxes are available. For a summary of each, click here.

Wiring to BNC's
The i511 BNC Wiring box provides 8 BNC connectors at the front panel. The BNC center pin (Bnc+) and outter metal shell (Bnc-) route to screw terminals in the wiring box; as shown below.

The user is responsible for wiring these BNC's to instruNet I/O channels, as needed. The i511 is shipped with factory installed jumper wires that connect the 8 BNC's to Channels 1/2, 3/4 .. 15/16. Also, for each BNC, the unit is shipped with a jumper wire that connects BNC- to instruNet ground. These jumpers are shown in the above illustration as dotted pink lines. Obviously, the end user can easily adjust the factory configured jumpers as needed. In many cases, the factory installed jumpers are exactly what the end user needs, yet not always. To see a photo of these jumpers and the labeling on the PCB, click here.

Above photo shows i511
bolted to i4xx Card

Above photos show open i511

BNC connectors are marked
A through H on front panel


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