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Getting Started with iW+

To get started, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Install the instruNet Software, Install the instruNet Hardware, and Verify that your Hardware is working properly per Installation.
  2. Obtain an World+ Software License and Install it.
  3. Learn the fundamentals of instruNet World by completing the Tutorial.
  4. Read the summary of iW+
  5. Review the features unique to iW+.
  6. Read about front panel objects (e.g. pages, panel items, edit field, panel meters, popup menus, and buttons).
  7. Read about writing script code.
  8. Read about the script engine.
  9. Read about debugging scripts.
  10. Do the iW+ tutorial.
  11. Take a quick glance at the iW+ examples.
  12. Become Familiar with iW+.

How to Install iW+

To install an iW+ license on your computer and enable its powerful features on Windows Xp/Vs/7/8/10 computers:

  1. In order to proceed, you must have purchased instruNet World+ (iW+) software and have received an iW+ license code for at least one i2x0/i60x installed on your computer. For information on how to obtain a license, click here.
  2. Install instruNet World software Version ≥ 3.6 onto your computer via the instruNet CD, or from HERE.
  3. Launch the instruNet World software by double-clicking on its icon, or by selecting START > Programs > instruNet > instruNet World.exe.
  4. Select "Install instruNet World Script License." in the Script menu.
  5. Enter your license code (i.e. in the zz-ssssss-yyyyy format) into the license field (note that "0" refers to number 0).
  6. Press Ok, and a confirmation alert will appear. To view the status of your license, select "Installed Hardware Report" under the Hardware menu. From this point forward, whenever you run instruNet World on this computer (i.e. START > Programs > instruNet > instruNet World.exe), you will be running iW+. Installing newer versions of instruNet software will not require repeating this procedure.
  7. To learn about iW+, please see the Getting Started with iW+ discussion, or the iW+ Documentation.

Manually Viewing, Changing or Setting License Code

The license code is stored at the top of a text file on your local hard disk. An alternate method of changing, viewing, or setting this code is to manually open this file with software such as WordPad or NotePad. On instruNet version ≥ 3.4 software, it is stored at "..MyDocuments\instruNet\end user\iNetLcns.txt".

How to Order iW+

instruNet World (not PLUS) software is available Free of charge and included on the instruNet CD with each i2x0/i60x controller card (and at instrunet.com/d). The "PLUS" version (referred to as "instruNet World+" or "iW+"), with more features, is available at an additional charge under the following product numbers:

  • #iNet-350-SerialNumberOfController, instruNet World+ for a pre-existing i2x0/i60x Controller. One must specify the serial number of the Controller on their Purchase Order, since license codes are keyed to i2x0/i60x serial numbers.
  • #iNet-240P, instruNet USB Controller and instruNet World+

Since the PLUS software is included inside the instruNet World (not +) software, one only needs to register the iW+ license code, described below, to enable the PLUS software after installing the instruNet World (not +) software (i.e. after running the instruNet CD).

If multiple i2x0/i60x products are installed on one computer, only one license code is needed to enable PLUS for the entire computer.

A license code is issued for an individual i2x0/i60x controller and is keyed to that controller's serial number. Subsequently, the PLUS features are only enabled in the following cases:

  • A valid PLUS license code is installed, yet no controller is installed.
  • A valid PLUS license code is installed, along with its corresponding i2x0/i60x controller.
  • instruNet software is running in Demo mode and simulating a controller.

Loading an iW+ setup file into instruNet World (not +)

One can load an iW+ setup file (.prf) into instruNet World (not +), yet the advanced iW+ features will not operate unless the iW+ license is installed -- one can only view and delete the advanced iW+ features within instruNet World (not +).