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Output Hardware

The following instruNet hardware provides digital output channels that can output a continuous clock signal:

i420 i423 i430 i460


Digital Clock Output with i4xx Cards

The i4xx cards have multiple universal digital i/o channels (referred to as "UIO"), each of which can be independently programmed with software. The i420, i423 and i430 have 4 UIO channels each; whereas the i460 has 12 UIO channels. For details, click on the links in the previous sentence. For information on setting up digital & universal i/o channels, click here. Each UIO channel can be set up to do one of the following:

  • digital input bit
  • digital output bit
  • control output
  • free running clock output set to one of following frequencies: 24MHz, 12MHz, 6MHz, 1.5MHz, 1MHz, 375KHz, 100KHz, 93.750008KHz, 23.437502KHz, 10KHz, 5.9KHz, 1.5KHz, 1KHz, 366Hz, 100Hz, 91.552734Hz, 22.888184Hz, 10Hz, 5.7Hz, 1.4Hz, 1Hz, 0.358Hz, 0.0894Hz.


Digital Clock Output with the iNet-200 PCI Card

The Model 200 (not 230) instruNet PCI Controller boards have 10 digital input/output channels, each of which can be used to output a continuous clock, or a fixed number of pulses {1...2e9}. Set high time and period of clock. If period > 10ms, then we generate clock with a 1ms timebase that drives two 0 to 32K timers; otherwise, we use a 0.25us timebase. Periods must be >100us when fixing the # of pulses. .

Wiring Diagram