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The following instruNet hardware includes analog low pass filters:

i500 i423 i100


These filters are independently software programmable. Also, all instruNet hardware provides fully programmable digital low pass, high pass, bandpass, and bandstop filters on each analog input channel. For details on working with digital filters, click here.

What is an Anti-Aliasing Filter?
For a summary of anti-aliasing filters and why you might need them, click here.

iNet-500 AFS Filter Daughterboard
The 8-Pole i500 analog low pass filter daughterboard is ideal for anti-aliasing. It provides extremely low ±0.01 dB maximum passband ripple for Fin/Fc ≤ 0.5. If one uses further oversampling, digital filtering and desampling; then passband ripple is ±0.002 dB for Fin/Fc ≤ 0.8 due to the accuracy of a 30-pole digital filter. The end user installs between 1 and 6 filter daughterboards onto each i423 card, one per channel. For details, click here.

iNet-423 Internal Filters
The i423 card provides a 2 pole analog low pass filter at 6Hz or 4KHz on each analog input channel.

iNet-100 Internal Filters
The i100 box provides a 1 pole analog low pass filter at 40Hz or 4KHz on each analog input channel.